Free Consultation

Any project starts with an introduction workshop, where we can learn more about your challenges, and you can discover if we are a suitable partner for you on a journey of improvement. During our free conversation, which takes 20 minutes, we can select solutions that could be efficient against your challenge or problem. You can meet us better and decide if you are interested in further cooperation, which is always true.


How does it work ?

By filling formular below, provide us your name and e-mail address.

We will send you an email where we will ask you few basic and simple questions and we will discuss with you which way of meeting is the most suitable for you (phone call or on-line meeting) and which date and time fits you the best.

During our consultation, main approach is to study basics of your case and be sure that we are at the same page. You can ask us any question and if there is anything you would like to discuss we are open for that. At the end we will show you some concepts how we can support you.

If both we accept that it is the right time, we will present you next steps.

Examples of Questions Asked during Free Consultation

How proposed ozone solution could improve my process, compared to other solutions?
How could I retrofit my existing ozone based process, by upgrading it through gas transfer and ozone production process imptovement ?
How the project execution process looks like?
What could be estimated cost of service for my project?

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