Efficient Ozone Process is a Safe Process.

We help  to select, design and implement ozone based solutions through a process which improves safety and profitability of your ozne’s based application.

How can we help you?

We reduce CAPEX and OPEX of ozone based projects at the same time improving safety and process efficiency through engineering solutions.


We provide full audit of your existing process and based on that we present concepts, which could fit best in your project.

Solution Selection

We present all advantages of any concept prepared and presented after audit process. Based on that you can select what will works best in your application.

Process Design

We offer a process design clearly showing what you could expect proceswise including OPEX and Total Cost of Ownership.

Project Management

When process design is accepted, we support you in any stage of project execution offering project management.


We are with you during implementing phase, making sure that process and safety factors are optimized in a best way.


We equip you with training, which makes your team fully understanding process and operation aspects.

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Adam coordinates project management and is specialized in ozone's safety maintained by control algoritms and machine learing process. He is also responsible for 3D design and plant optimization through control algoritms.


Ozone Consultant

Filip is responsible for process design, ozone dosage optimization , dissolution process design and applications engineering.

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Why Implozone ?

Ozone Engineering

Our process design and concepts are always based on gas thermodynamics principles


Since 2020 we realize projects around Europe, meeting results expected after process design phase.


We do not prefer one supplier of equipment. We always compare all available options based on economics of your project, reliability and performance.


We are able to manage process from idea to implementation having better control on project management and lead times execution.


We continously update the latest findings related to Ozone's Engineering reducing OPEX for your project and inmproving reliability of entire system.


We know how to ensure 100% safety for your plant, farm and people. We always prioritize that as the most important factor.